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VIMOTO V8S/V9S JBL 45MM Speaker Audio Kit
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Vimoto V9s/V8s JBL 45 mm Speaker Audio Set


Sound quality - a science. Since its foundation more than 70 years ago, JBL has acted like a magnet in the audiophile field for all generations. For months, JBL acousticians, mechanical experts and software developers have modified and optimized all audio elements of Cardo intercom systems. The result are the new 45 mm speakers, which offer a sound quality never before seen in biker communication systems.


Achieving good audio quality inside a helmet is a challenge. The wind, the road, the engine and the type of helmet influence the transmitted frequencies. Taking all these aspects into account, the 45 mm speakers offer a sound quality that only a large speaker can achieve, in a narrow base that is compatible with most modern motorcycle helmets and therefore offers the best fit.



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